Millions in Full Tilt Poker Refunds At Risk Due to Incomplete, Inaccurate Information

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A recent update from the Garden City Group (GCG) warns that incomplete or incorrect information could jeopardize the return of Full Tilt Poker balances to hundreds of former customers in the United States.

According to an announcement on, the official site for the FTP remissions process, over 2,200 petitioners who confirmed their account balance have one of the two following issues with their petition:

  1. Incomplete or incorrect banking information.
  2. Incomplete or incorrect social security number.

Players have until November 24, 2014 to add or correct information.

Those impacted were emailed by the GCG on October 25th.

If you confirmed your FTP account balance, but have not received a refund and have not been contacted by the GCG, you should contact the GCG immediately.

The GCG did not specify how the 2,200 petitions were distributed across the above areas, or what total dollar amount the balances involved represent.

Bad Social Security number will result in petition denial

The most important point in the update: Those who fail to correct a missing or incomplete Social Security number “will have their Petition recommended for denial.”

A denied petition means no refund. And it’s unclear what, if any, recourse would be available at that point.

The average account balance in the rounds of refunds to date has been well over $4,000, raising the potential that hundreds of thousands – if not millions – in Full Tilt Poker balances could end up going unclaimed.

Those with incomplete banking information are better off. If their petition is approved, a check will be mailed to the address players provided when the petition was filed.

But, given the time that’s passed between the start of the remissions process and now, said checks may encounter some difficulty connecting with their intended recipients.

Read the update here.

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