This Chart Shows The Impact of Full Tilt Remissions Payments on US Online Poker Traffic

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When the Garden City Group issued the first round of payments related to the Full Tilt Poker remissions process last week, many wondered what impact the return of nearly $80mm to over 27,000 players would have on traffic at US-facing poker sites.

The early answer appears to be: not much.

Small bump in overall traffic following payments

According to data from the latest Scouting Report (’s daily analysis publication covering the global online poker industry), US-facing poker sites saw growth of about 5% for the weekend immediately following the first wave of Full Tilt payments:

US online poker traffic after FTP payments

Note that PokerScout’s analysis includes both regulated and unregulated sites.

Gains largely limited to unregulated online poker sites

You might expect any traffic boost from Full Tilt payments to be distributed more or less evenly across all US-facing sites.

But as PokerScout notes, “very little of that increase was seen in the regulated markets. Almost all of the impact occurred among unregulated sites, most of which rose 3%-10%.”

That’s despite remissions-focused promotions from both and PartyPoker NJ.

Impact could be staggered across multiple weeks

Given that tens of millions of dollars have yet to be distributed, it’s likely that we’ve yet to see the ultimate impact of Full Tilt remissions payments on US-facing sites.

It’s also plausible that many players have primary priorities for the funds other than poker and will address those priorities before dedicating any part of their Full Tilt payment to a poker bankroll.

Some – although probably a small percentage – of the balances are tied up due to resolution of a backing deal, the sale of the balance of a similar condition.

Finally, in the case where a player receiving a payment has been absent from online poker for months – or even years – there’s a chance that they weren’t necessarily aware that the payment arrived. And if they were, it will likely take such players a few days, or even weeks, to reacquaint themselves with the current online poker landscape.

PokerScout’s Scouting Report is a daily newsletter for the online poker industry, with in-depth data and analysis of the market. More information can be found by clicking here or contacting [email protected].

- Chris is the publisher of Grove also serves as a consultant to various stakeholders in the regulated market for online gambling in the United States.
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