New Jersey Online Gambling Tax Guide: A Recap

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It’s everyone’s favorite time of the year again – tax time!

In case you missed our four part series on understanding tax liabilities associated with playing online poker or otherwise gambling via the Internet in the state of New Jersey, below is a brief summary of each installment.

The series was written by Brad Polizzano, a New York-based tax attorney and accountant.

Part I: Introduction

The first part of the New Jersey online gambling tax guide is an introduction.

This segment deals with understanding when federal tax is owed, what constitutes a gambling session, how to track winnings and losses, distinguishing amateur play from professional play, and more.

Part II: New Jersey Residents

Part two of our Garden State tax guide is specifically focused on residents of New Jersey.

Learn the difference between recording gambling earnings and losses for New Jersey state tax filings as opposed to a federal return, find out what constitutes a New Jersey resident, and more.

Part III: Residents of Other States

The third article in the series centers on residents of other states who play at New Jersey’s online casinos and poker rooms.

Players who record winnings may be subject to taxes in New Jersey as well as in the player’s home state.

This part also addresses tax implications for players from the nearby states of New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Maryland, and Delaware.

Part IV: International Players

The fourth and final installment of the New Jersey online gambling tax guide series is geared toward players who are not residents of the United States.

Even non-U.S. residents are subject to taxation on gambling winnings.

This article explains the different tax circumstances facing amateur players and professional players from outside the United States, and also addresses tax situations encountered by players from treaty countries.

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