After a Peak, New Jersey Online Poker Traffic Dips Back Down to Earth

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While the New Jersey market for regulated online poker has shown a propensity for bursts of traffic on isolated days, the larger story seems to be of a market that, at least for now, has found its level.

Case in point: February 13th was a record day for cash game traffic at the state’s regulated online poker sites, with simultaneous players peaking at just shy of 800.

But data from the latest Scouting Report’s daily analysis publication covering the global online poker industry – shows that cash game traffic has since retreated to the plateau established late January through early February:

New Jersey online poker

Peaks separating from averages

An interesting feature of the graph above is the emerging relationship between the outlying peaks and the general trend line.

You’ll see four clear outliers in the graph above, spaced somewhat evenly. The first two peaks were predictive; in the first case, the peak marked more or less where the trend line would eventually fall. The second peak became a ceiling for a busy day.

But the subsequent peaks continue to trend upward even as the overall average has flattened.

Losses shared across New Jersey’s online poker sites

The week-over-week decline was distributed across all of the sites in NJ, although not all sites saw equivalent drops in absolute or relative terms:

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