3 Important Updates For Former American Customers of Full Tilt Poker

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The Garden City Group (GCG) has issued three important updates to the Full Tilt Poker remissions process that impact thousands of players.

The official site for Full Tilt remissions information, FullTiltPokerClaims.com, recently added critical information relevant to those who confirmed their balance, players tagged as affiliates and players tagged as Full Tilt Pros.

This follows the GCG’s announcement on January 25th that the DoJ had approved FTP payouts totalling some $82mm to over 30,000 players.

Confirmed balances with outstanding federal debts will be garnished

The GCG FAQ for Full Tilt remissions has long indicated that players with debts collectable through the Treasury Offset Program will see their repayment amount reduced to some degree.

Now details of that process are available. Cliffs:

  • Players who fall into this category were notified via email by the GCG on January 29th. I don’t believe there has been any additional notification.
  • In order to receive the remainder of your balance post-collection, you must fill out the form attached to the email notification within 30 days.
  • You cannot dispute this debt with the GCG. The debt is handled by the Treasury Offset Program.

What if I haven’t confirmed my balance with the GCG?

Only players who confirmed their balance with the GCG received these notices.

So if you’re disputing your balance, you would not have received this notice even if you do have a qualifying debt.

Affiliates can petition, but a serious balance calculation issue exists

The GCG sent another set of emails on January 31st to roughly 8,400 players who have been tagged as affiliates of Full Tilt Poker.

At one point in the process, affiliates were excluded from remission; that policy shifted and the GCG announced that affiliates would be able to petition for the amount of their balance unrelated to affiliate activity.

But the method by which the GCG is separating affiliate activity from playing activity is drawing criticism, and for good reason. As Aaron Wilt noted on TwoPlusTwo:

In my case, GCG is summing all of these Affiliate to Player Transfer columns regardless of which affiliate is sending them – ie, they make no distinction between rakeback earned from another affiliate and “affiliate income” from players signed up under you.

In my case, I had only a handful of entries where I got actual affiliate revenue, that added up to a bit over 2k. Instead, GCG took out ~30k from my balance.

That’s a massive flaw in the process that needs to be corrected immediately.

Affiliates should have received an email on the 31st with credentials for creating a petition and additional instructions.

If you believe you have been tagged as an affiliate and did not receive this email, contact the GCG immediately.

The deadline for this class of players to file a petition is March 2, 2014.

Full Tilt Pros still in limbo

While affiliates seem on track to a resolution – albeit a seriously flawed one at this point – the picture for players identified as Full Tilt Pros remains muddled.

Per the GCG update:

Please be advised that a review is still underway concerning those players who were flagged by FTP as Pros. Once this review is complete, a separate notice will be sent to Pros who are deemed eligible to file a Petition for Remission and they will have 30 days from the date of the notice to file a Petition.

Visit FullTiltPokerClaims.com for complete information.

- Chris is the publisher of OnlinePokerReport.com. Grove also serves as a consultant to various stakeholders in the regulated market for online gambling in the United States.
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