Watch 3 Republican AGs Try To Have it Both Ways on States’ Rights

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You’d expect any state Attorney General that appears in the promotional video below for the Republican Attorneys General Association to be the definition of an advocate for states’ rights:

After all, the title of the video is “States’ Rights,” and the description is “Republican AGs are featured discussing States Rights & Federal Overreach.”

But three of the AGs appearing in the video have signed a letter asking Congress to pass a law that would stop states from offering online gaming inside of their own borders.

The AGs in question: Bill Schuette of Michigan, Jon Bruning of Nebraska and Alan Wilson of South Carolina.

Schuette rails against federal encroach, saying “That’s what the 10th amendment is all about. That’s it’s guts, it’s spirit.”

Bruning complains that “it’s been very frustrating … the federal government getting bigger and bigger, trying to encroach into more and more areas of our lives.”

Yet the expansion of that “encroach” is exactly what both are proposing by supporting a bill that would roll back state-based online gaming in New Jersey, Nevada and Delaware – just to name a few.

That’s one of the reasons the Republican-dominated National Governor’s Association opposed federal restrictions on intrastate online gambling in the 2012 lame duck session.

It’s hard not to marvel at this staggering contradiction.

In fact, the video could be titled “State AGs Protest Blanket Ban on Intrastate iGaming” and not a single word out of the mouths of the dozen or so AGs featured would seem out of place.

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