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WSOP Nevada Online Poker Room: Review and Fact Sheet

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Snapshot: WSOP NV. $10 FREE (Exclusive – use bonus code 10FREE), $400 first deposit bonus + Welcome Week freerolls (no code required). Above-average traffic, average promotions, below-average software, average support.

Note: This review is for WSOP Nevada. Read a review of WSOP NJ here. Nevada is the online poker site for the World Series of Poker.  It is owned by Caesars Interactive Entertainment, a subsidiary of casino operator Caesars Entertainment. uses software powered by 888.  888 operates the platform for the three Delaware lottery poker sites.  These Delaware players are networked with Nevada.

The platform is shared by and 888 in New Jersey.  The New Jersey network does not connect to any other states.

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WSOP NV Bonus Code10FREE
Bonus description$10 no deposit bonus
Regulatory authorityNevada Gaming Control Board
Gaming license number31831-01
Land-based casino partnerCaesars / World Series of Poker
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WSOP Bracelet Events and Satellites

Event #64 in the 2015 World Series of Poker will be played online on July 2 at noon.  It has a $1,000 buyin.  It will play down until there are six players.  The heads up finale will be played at Rio on July 4.

Nearly 300 players won seats to the World Series of Poker through in 2014.  That number is likely to be much higher in 2015.  Satellites are available for many events, including the $10,000 Main Event.  There will also be satellites where $1,000 World Series of Poker tickets are won, as well as entries into the online event.

WSOP Nevada: Player review


Traffic: Benefited from Ultimate Poker Demise is the only relevant regulated poker site in Nevada.  It averages about 170 cash game players and peaks around 350 players most times of the year, according to PokerScout. benefits substantially from the summer’s World Series of Poker at Rio.  In addition to the satellites and larger tournaments, cash game traffic tripled in 2014.  The boom begins in late May and continues through mid July.

The site launched on September 17, 2013.  It was the second regulated online poker room in Nevada.

The now-defunct Ultimate Poker opened in April 2013.  It ceased operations in November 2014.  Real Gaming, operated as a subsidiary of South Point Casino, opened in February 2014.  There are virtually zero players at Real Gaming.

Traffic: B

Value/Promotions Promotions: Favor Higher Volume Players offers a reasonable first deposit bonus that clears at a rate of 20% rakeback and allows 60 days to clear.  Monthly reload bonuses offer the same terms.  There is a monthly sit and go leaderboard and a variety of offers that change every month.

Most promotions tend to favor regular players.  This gives little value to low volume players.

One example is the Action Club, which does not pay any rakeback until a player rakes $100 in a month. Lower volume players only receive freeroll entries.  The highest tier most players can ever achieve returns 20% rakeback.  Most will earn far lower, starting at 8% with $100 in monthly rake paid.

Value/Promotion: B- Software: Best Regulated Poker Site Available

There are several software features that players enjoy at  There is a hand replayer that players can review right at the table.  The notes feature allows opponents to be color coded and also provides a space for manually typed notes.  The software provides waitlists, however, it is bugged and sometimes players are unable to get seated when their time comes.

All fixed limit games were removed from in February.  These returned in May 2015 a software issue was recognized and resolved.

The games spread by at this time are:

  • No Limit Texas Hold’em
  • Pot Limit Omaha
  • Pot Limit Omaha High/Low
  • Fixed Limit Hold’em
  • Fixed Limit Omaha High/Low
  • Seven Card Stud
  • Seven Card Stud High/Low

The wide variety of games available is  major positive for  Spending a day playing Omaha of Seven Card Stud can help to reduce burnout.  There are plenty of games available at these tables.

Grade: B

Support: Much Improved Since Launch support has improved drastically since its launch.  What once took days can now often be resolved on the first response within hours.  Players can access helpful representatives through the live chat feature in the cashier.  Emails receive a response within 24 hours.  Some situations require more time to resolve.

There are some complaints about how handles support inquiries.  There is room for improvement.

Support: C+

Overall: Acceptable Considering Nevada’s Liquidity Issues

Let’s face it.  Nevadans will only have one online poker site available until many states open and network.  Until then, adequately fulfills its duty.  It averages about 170 players and peaks around 350 players, according to PokerScout.

This number more than double during the summer tournament season in Las Vegas.  The added traffic spreads to cash games, sit and gos, and multi table tournaments.

Cashout speeds have improved lately.  The addition of withdrawals at the Rio cage in Las Vegas certainly helped. These are processed in about one day, while electronic checks are sent to players’ bank accounts within three days.

Overall: C+


WSOP Nevada Review
  • Traffic
  • Value
  • Software
  • Support


Let’s face it, Nevadans will only have one online poker site available until many states open and network. Until then, adequately fulfills its duty.

Cashout speeds have improved lately. The addition of withdrawals at the Rio cage in Las Vegas certainly helped. These are processed in about one day, while electronic checks are sent to players’ bank accounts within three days.



WSOP NV: Fact sheet

Cash Games

There are only three cash games available at; No Limit Texas Hold’em, Pot Limit Omaha, Pot Limit Omaha High/Low, Fixed Limit Hold’em, Fixed Limit Omaha High/Low, Seven Card Stud and Seven Card Stud High/Low.  No Limit Hold’em is available in six and nine seat tables.  The two types are equally popular.

Six-max and full ring offer multiple tables during peak hours at:

  • $.01/$.02
  • $.02/$.04
  • $.05/$.10
  • $.10/$.20
  • $.25/$.50
  • $.50/$1

Six-max offers higher limit games most hours of the day.  In addition to the above limits, players will also find multiple tables of $1/$2 and $2/$4.

Pot Limit Omaha is mostly available in penny limits.  An occasional $.25/$.50 or higher game is spread during peak hours.  There are six-max and full ring tables at Pot Limit Omaha.  The active tables tend to be six-max.

Pot Limit Omaha High/Low is more popular than the high-only counterpart.  The lowest limit spread is $.05/$.10.  While the highest available limit is $5/$10, the action tends to stay at $.50/$1 and below.  Pot Limit Omaha High/Low is only available in full ring.

Fixed Limit Hold’em tables start at $.05/$.10 and run up to $50/$100.  There is very little action at Fixed Limit Hold’em.  These games are available in six and none seats.

Fixed Limit Omaha High/Low starts at $.05/$.10 and run up to $15/30.  There is a regular $3/$6 game that runs during the day.  All tables have nine seats.

Seven Card Stud and Seven Card Stud High/Low are available in $.05/$.10 up to $10/$20.  There is little action at the high-only version.  Stud High/Low has limited game availability at the $1/$2 through $3/$6 limits.

Sit and Gos

Sit and gos are available in heads up, six-max, and full ring formats.  All sit and gos are one table.  The house admin fee is 5% at heads up and 10% for all others.

Heads up sit and gos are available in No Limit Texas Hold’em.  The buyins are $1, $5, $10, $25 and $50.  Several run during peak hours at various limits.  There is also a $200 heads up sit and go that is only available to players that have been preapproved at that limit.

Six-max sit and gos are available with the same buys as heads up, except that a $100 level is added.  The $200 buyin is not restricted.  Action at No Limit Hold’em six-max sit and gos is nearly nonexistent.

Pot Limit Omaha and Omaha High/Low sit and gos are spread in the six-max format.  These only get off the ground during peak hours.  The most popular limits are $1 and $5, although a $10 one may run now and then during peak hours.

Full ring sit and gos are only spread in No Limit Texas Hold’em.  There is ample action at $1, $5, and $10.  Peak hours will bring $25 players out.  Anything higher than that is rare.


There are more than three dozen daily poker tournaments at  Virtually all tournaments are No Limit Texas Hold’em.  There are a couple of Pot Limit Omaha tournaments each week.

More than half of the daily tournaments have a guaranteed prize pool.  Most of these events offer rebuys and add-ons.  Most tournaments have buyins of $1-$5.  The average number of players in each tournament is around 50.

Tournament Guarantees

  • $3,000 Guaranteed $27.30 Rebuy and Add-on – 7pm daily
  • $1,500 Guaranteed $5 Rebuy and Add-on – 9pm daily
  • $15,000 Guaranteed $200 (no rebuy or reentry) – 3pm Sunday Freerolls

New players receive seven entries into daily new player freerolls that offer a $100 prize pool.  There is a daily $100 freeroll that is available to all players.  There is also a weekly $250 freeroll.  Players that give real money action during the week qualify for a $500 weekly freeroll on Sundays. Nevada Bonus

New depositors receive a 100% up to $400 first deposit bonus.  Players must earn 100 Action Points for every $10 in bonus.  One Action Point is earned for every $.50 in contributed rake or tournament fees paid.  This makes the first deposit bonus worth 20% rakeback.

Players have 60 days to clear the bonus.  Any portion not released before then expires.  The bonus status is available in the upper left hand corner of all tables while it is valid.

Action Club

Action Club is’s VIP rewards program.  There are 11 levels.  The first four levels offer entry into a weekly $500 invitation-only freeroll.  This requires just $1 in rake.  Silver is the lowest level that returns rakeback.  Higher VIP tiers offer rakeback in addition to the freeroll entry.

Action Club Rakeback and Requirements

  • Silver – $100 monthly rake – 8% rakeback
  • Gold – $200 monthly rake – 10% rakeback
  • Platinum – $600 monthly rake – 12% rakeback
  • Diamond – $1,750 monthly rake – 15% rakeback
  • Elite – $25,000 annual rake – 20% rakeback
  • Super Elite – $125,000 annual rake – 25% rakeback
  • Seven Stars – $200,000 annual rake – 35% rakeback

Action Club Notes

The annual tiers are nearly unobtainable.  The highest volume players can achieve Elite if action begins early enough in the year.  Players that maintain Diamond tier or higher for four consecutive months will receive access to the exclusive Diamond Lounges at Caesars Entertainment casinos.  Players must have at least $10 in rakeback to initiate a cash transfer.  VIP cash can be claimed through the WSOP.con software under My Profile/My Rewards.

Paypal at WSOP NV

Regulated online poker in the United States just received a potentially significant boost as online poker players at in Nevada are now able to deposit via PayPal.

PayPal has prohibited U.S. online gambling transactions to the point that any mention of gambling (even arbitrary comments in the comments section) could lead to your PayPal account being flagged and blocked.

This has been PayPal’s longstanding policy, although the company did hint they were exploring their options in the legal online gaming markets in the U.S. as far back as last summer.

PayPal also accepts transactions for Daily Fantasy Sports websites. This seems to indicate PayPal’s policy moving forward will be to accept transactions from most legal online gaming sites.

Why it’s a big deal

One reason this is a very big deal is the addition of PayPal could open up online gaming to a swathe of new players.

Even though legal online poker and casino sites in the U.S. already offer PayPal-esque options (Skrill and Neteller for instance) few people in the U.S. have these online payment processing accounts. In order to use Neteller or Skrill to deposit they would first need to setup an account.

On the other hand, virtually anyone who has ever used eBay or regularly uses eCommerce sites likely already has a PayPal account – according to a 2013 Forbes article there are as many as 50 million PayPal users in the U.S.

With PayPal there is no need to research the company or create an account as most people already:

  1. Have a PayPal account
  2. Know of and trust the company

A secondary reason the addition of PayPal at legal online gaming sites in the U.S. is a big deal is it further legitimizes the nascent industry.

Now accepting PayPal is along the lines of a stamp of approval; a verification that an online website can be trusted.

DFS websites often tout PayPal’s willingness to process transactions as a sign of their legitimacy, and now online poker and online casino sites in legal markets in the U.S. will be able to follow suit.

In addition to offering an air of legitimacy, legal online poker sites in the U.S. now offer something their unregulated counterparts do not, PayPal.

This is the first clear sign of demarcation  between regulated and unregulated sites in the U.S.

The addition of PayPal provides potential online gamblers with a deposit method they are familiar with and likely already possess.

Furthermore, PayPal is a trusted, known, commodity in the U.S. which should help the regulated online gaming markets promote themselves as safe, secure, places to play.

John Mehaffey
- John is a writer for multiple online poker publications and is the author of the popular Online Poker Payment Processing Report. Read more from John by following @John_Mehaffey on Twitter.