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OPR Bulletin: Week of June 10th, 2013

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Online poker: Stories to watch this week

#1. Bet Raise Fold – The world premiere of the online poker documentary is June 12th in Las Vegas. And the KickStarter project associated with the film continues to draw substantial support. Looking forward to seeing the early reaction from the premiere and what impact it has on the Kickstarter project.

#2. Rep. Pete King - King’s (sort-of-new) bill to regulate most online gambling immediately attracted skepticism from a variety of corners (including Sen. Reid). Chance of passage as it stands seems nil. This week could bring the companion bill that will cover taxes and other revenue issues, and it should also give us some sense of if the bill has any allies that could boost its prospects.

… + the week that was

Recently on OPR

The Rabbit Hunt is back. This week Mark and I talk ISPT, WSOP and the King bill. And I participated in an interesting roundtable on Rich Muny’s PokerAdvocacy podcast.

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#GoodRead – What legal options does PokerStars have at this stage of their failing attempt to purchase the ACC?

OPR Bulletin: Week of June 10th, 2013
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