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A Bottle Opener for the Truly Lazy Drinker

Tired of wasting precious seconds of your online poker tournament breaks throwing a bottlecap away after opening your frosty beverage?

Waste no more – a solution has arrived.

It’s DropCatch – a magnetic bottle opener that magically (ok, not magically, magnetically) grabs your cap as it drops from the bottle.

Here’s a hypnotic GIF of DropCatch in action:


Make a donation to the DropCatch Magnetic Bottle Opener’s Kickstarter campaign and pretty soon you won’t be the chump picking up your bottle caps off the floor, at least not until you’re well past your first 12-pack.

Their junior model holds 15 caps, while the big daddy holds an impressive 52. More details in the video below.

A Bottle Opener for the Truly Lazy Drinker
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